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Single Review: Paul Helou & Friends’ “There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues)”

Rolling out of the silence with a rollicking beat that just gets more and more inviting as we push along with the melody, Paul Helou & Friends’ “There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues)” doesn’t beat around the bush – it jumps right into a sexy groove head-first. This harmony-driven single and video from Paul Helou is definitely on the poppier side of the music spectrum, but if you’ve been craving some up-tempo rhythm, easygoing verses and a happy-go-lucky hook, there are few songs that hit the spot quite as well as “There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues)” most definitely will. 

Even though the video features a theme that we’ve been seeing a lot of in the last few months of social distancing, there isn’t anything recycled about the melodicism that it brings forth to the audience. The players have a likeable chemistry that keeps us inspired by their continuity – despite being in completely different environments – and while there isn’t anything beyond the substance of the harmony to hold our attention here, there doesn’t need to be. Paul Helou has everything he needs between his voice and these collaborators, and that’s not something every singer/songwriter in the underground can boast. 

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“There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues)” clocks in at around four and a half minutes in total length (the song itself, that is), but while it’s on the shorter side in terms of running time, it isn’t devoid of anything that makes a basic pop song into a big time hit. With Paul Helou at the helm, this group of musicians delivers something especially heartwarming this summer in this single and its companion music video. The bottom line? Whether you’re a devout indie disciple or simply an occasional pop fan, I would recommend giving this melody-first content a listen before the season has expired. 

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