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Single Review: Nied’s Hotel Band “Sacred Land”

With their latest single, Pittsburgh based Nied’s Hotel Band proudly support working class Americans. Released as a fundraiser for Mom & Pop stores during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Sacred Land” is a red, white and blue anthem which encourages unity in the toughest times. While the pandemic has divided America, this song reminds the listener of the importance of friends, family and community. Vocalist John Vento recalls his youth, and the poignant message his grandfather shared with him: “This is our home, our sacred land.” There is a certain dignity to the melody and pace of “Sacred Land.” The lyrics are provided an opportunity to take center stage against a backdrop of solid musicianship. Vento details a lifetime of experience in just over three and a half minutes, in a way that is genuine and relate-able. Nied’s Hotel Band believe that America is the greatest land in the world, and their single, “Sacred Land” perfectly endorses that sentiment. Support independent American businesses by downloading it now, on iTunes.


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