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International Show’s Latest Release “Rise”

It’s not often that a listener comes across a track with rhythm, flow, vocals, and instrumentation. International Show, a Boston- based rapper, producer, and vocalist delivers that and so much more wrapped in inspiration, faith, and honesty.

International Show finds a way to put his pen to paper in a seemingly effortless way, and add in charismatic elements in his tracks that connect his listeners to his own message and mindset. In his newest release, “Rise”, he opens up the conversation of everything that has been going on since the beginning of 2020. From the tragic death of legend Kobe Bryant, to the effort from the frontline workers during this pandemic, International Show sheds light on all of the difficulties this year has brought this world, but finds a way to bring motivation and determination to stand tall despite the hopelessness.

International Show takes a sick beat, an addicting vocal flow, and the talent of The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers and creates an anthem for the world to listen to as we all dust ourselves off after hitting rock bottom.

In a world of hate, uncertainty, and disease, International Show’s mentality rubs off on listeners to accept the circumstances that they can’t control, and to change the things that they can.

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