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Kill The Imposter Takes Us To ‘Dungan Hills’

Orlando deathcore juggernauts Kill The Imposter are back with the brutal new single ‘Dungan Hills’. The single is part of the brand new EP A Strain Of Agony. The band has also released a horrific new video for the single. You can view the horror themed video below:

Pulling musical inspiration from literally everywhere, this five piece band’s intention is to make you move in any capacity you see fit. The heavier and more aggressive the better. Danny Arrieta (guitar), one of the founding members of Kill The Imposter, and Chris Acosta (guitar) are the primary music writers. They have help with arrangement by Johnny Nobody (vocals) as well as Nick Colvin (drums) carrying the aggressive speed and heavy grooves, and Wilson Bembry (bass), who shares and blends the thundering lows and technical playing within all of their music.
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