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Single Review: TripleYoThreat “Always Lookin’ Fly As Fu%k”

In the glowing sun over an oceanfront property, we find TripleYoThreat awakening for the day in his posh apartment, and from the looks of his general demeanor, this guy is definitely a morning person. He isn’t wasting any time planning what this day is going to look and feel like, nor does he spend even a moment going over what the past has consisted of – he’s getting right into the spirit of the morning, shedding the negativity from his mind and embracing the possibility of today. This is the music video for his new single “Always Lookin’ Fly as Fuck,” and it’s as much a cathartic anthem as the words ‘summer is here’ are.

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The vocal is swift and fierce in this mix, but believe it or not, it isn’t the most beastly element here by a longshot. The bass is downright abusive to the percussive component in “Always Lookin’ Fly as Fuck,” but because of where it’s put beside the vocal, it never feels annoyingly over the top – merely primal and uncaged, instead. TripleYoThreat is creating a menacing backdrop for his palatable verses about dismissing the bad omens from your life, and if this contrast is to express anything, I believe it is that we’re in control our own happiness more than we often think we are (in most cases, at least).


“Always Lookin’ Fly as Fuck” is short, simple and to the point, but it isn’t a limited look inside the artistic trajectory of TripleYoThreat. I think this is a snapshot of his sound at its most black and white; unadorned with frills, he’s able to show us just how much muscle he can flex without the assistance of a synthetic element. In short, hip-hop fans around the world would be wise to check this out at their earliest convenience.

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