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Swami Lushbeard Shares “The Truth” – New Single Out July 31st!

Living Well Is The Best Revenge –

After their explosive return to the scene in 2020 through their critically-acclaimed, politically-savvy & supercharged single “Enemy” – LA-based Rock-band Swami Lushbeard is back with “The Truth” – and to unleash another killer cut harvested in advance of the release of their upcoming EP for you all to enjoy.

Diving even deeper into the depths of the thought-provoking lyricism & stunning musicianship that has made the band a fan-favorite throughout their career, “The Truth” is a true odyssey straight into the heart of what threatens to bend & break us, while also providing the blueprint for a path forward to a better tomorrow. Unafraid to examine & explore the bonds we share between us, much like the band had written into the fabric of their Blood Is Sicker Than Water EP back in 2016 – from acquaintances to friendships, and from friendships to family – Swami Lushbeard understands the strength of the ties that bind, but more importantly, knows the freedom that lies on the other side when you finally break away.

“The Truth” boldly puts humanity under the microscope, asking what it really takes to make a stand in a sincere effort for self-preservation, and just how far we’re willing to go in order to try to right the course of our history. “The Truth” dares to delve into some of the most personal terrain that Swami Lushbeard has ever found the courage to tread – and in speaking up for themselves, they’re speaking up for us all.

On behalf of those that have struggled, on behalf of those that know they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, on behalf of those that never stop believing in the possibility of real change – “The Truth” was created for you to connect to and realize that, no matter how isolated you feel, you’re never alone. Find your strength in “The Truth” this summer – Swami Lushbeard’s brand-new single from their upcoming record will be out & available online, all around the globe, worldwide July 31, 2020.

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