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Single Review: JHelix “Baby Yellow (In a Dream)”

The needle makes contact with the vinyl for the first time, and in the ensuing harmony that comes gliding out of our speakers, we’re invited into the dream world of JHelix in the music video for his all-new single “Baby Yellow (In a Dream).” There are strange, faceless figures that are painted with happiness but present too much ominousness to be a mere agent of good spirits. The main focus is the music, and the way it wraps around us ever so gently – coiling its emotions with those of the audience and demanding a reaction out of anyone listening.

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The melodies here are ethereal and soft, and while it takes a good seventy-five seconds for them to come into full-color, the anticipation that builds in that time makes the sonic release all the more spellbinding. The harmony between JHelix and the ebbing synth part, as well as the spindly guitar part that we began with, is increasingly smothering as we press on, but there’s never a moment in which it feels so overwhelming that we can’t take it anymore. The physicality of the music here is impressive and ambitious, but never powerful to the point of dwarfing our main man’s vocal.

After about five and a half minutes of churning melodic pleasantries that feel like they’re going to pull us asunder into that fabled realm existing beneath our covers after nightfall, “Baby Yellow (In a Dream)” finally fades away into the ethers, its lead vocalist leaving almost as potent a mark on us with his words as the music has its texture and tonality. You don’t have to be a longtime JHelix fan to dig his latest release, but I do believe that those who have been keeping up with his career since the beginning will find this to be one of his most mature works yet.

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