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Single Review: Ethan Gold “Our Love is Beautiful”

Tumbling from the speakers like tiny raindrops on a lazy afternoon, we find the opening notes of Ethan Gold’s “Our Love is Beautiful” waiting to kiss us hello with their elegant melodicism. Theirs shall be the foundational harmony for this song, and though they’re not quite as magical an element as Gold’s own voice is, this simply wouldn’t be a stunner of a single without their incomparable contribution to the narrative. “Our Love is Beautiful” is soft, tuneful and unassumingly emotional, and if you’re the type to go for these features in a plaintive indie pop song, it’s a must-listen this July.

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Ethan Gold’s vocal floats atop the instrumentation like a guardian angel watching over a wandering soul, their only tethering coming in the form of a fleeting harmony that is peppered with a gnarled, bass-heavy solo shortly after the two minute mark in the track. “Our Love is Beautiful” swings pendulously after this juncture, but as we head towards the finish line, the serenade – formerly in the backdrop – takes the central role in driving us home for one of the most magnificently satisfying conclusions to any song in this artist’s growing collection of independent hits.

“Our Love is Beautiful” asks nothing of us other than the chance to win our hearts in a little over four minutes’ time, and while it’s definitely on the simpler side of the compositional spectrum, it’s undisputedly one of the most indulgently melodic single/music video duos that I’ve reviewed this summer. Gold has made a lot of incredible content in the last decade, and with his latest release, he amalgamates many of the scattered themes from throughout his career into a singular hook that could melt hearts even at a modest volume. A solid five out of five stars, “Our Love is Beautiful” is altogether smashing.

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