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Sugar Daddy – Mowille Ft Damola Davis & Uchay

Mowille Ft Damola Davis & Uchay introducing new single: Sugar Daddy.

July 2020 – Mowille is an artist with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between different genres and creative influences. Recently, he joined forces with Damola Davis & Uchay in order to release an outstanding new single titled Sugar Daddy. This project is a milestone for the artist, and it features some unique melodies, highlighting the incredible versatility of each collaborator. The texture of the song is airy and dynamic and the feel of the performance has a natural vibe. There are so many highlights on this release, but ultimately, the song truly shines for its crisp production. It’s the kind of track that feels familiar, yet exciting at the same time, highlighting the artist’s fondness for genres as diverse as R&B and Afro-Beat

I would warmly recommend listening to this release, especially if you are a fan of great rhythms and catchy melodies. Although listeners might spot these and other influences, it is undeniable that these artists managed to concoct an extremely personal sound, which suits the mood of this release.

Find out more, and do not miss out on Sugar Daddy, which is now available online:

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