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Pia Salvia’s Breathtaking New Album “Blissful Sigh” Is a Must Listen!

“Dark Longing” is Pia Salvia’s newest single off her brand new album Blissful Sigh that recently hit streaming platforms which is accompanied by a remarkable music video. “Dark Longing” sets the tone for a beautiful album and Blissful Sigh certainly doesn’t disappoint. Pia is a Belgium-raised harpist and singer who uses her talent beyond the confines of traditional classical music, incorporating the harp in different styles that create her unique sound.

The track begins with the delicate sounds of the harp before making way for soft trumpets and Pia’s sultry vocals. Her swift lyrics are sung in spoken word that lead to a smoothly sung chorus that captivates its listener. This song incorporates jazz, classical, and pop elements that create a truly new and refreshing sound that is found woven throughout the whole album. Watch the video below and be sure to stream this masterpiece!

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