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Single Review: Jekalyn Carr “Changing Your Story”

With a soul-affecting beat behind the thrust of a dynamic, electrifying instrumental harmony at the front of the mix, Jekalyn Carr’s unshakable power ballad “Changing Your Story” doesn’t ask questions of faith or politicize emotionality – it simply rocks us with its groove-centric gospel punch. Igniting a response in anyone who listens to its sensational melodicism this summer with a powerhouse chorus that will give you chills time after time, “Changing Your Story” is a gospel single that reminds us of the providential power of music when it’s performed with upmost passion and dedication to the preservation of balance.

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The vocals are so physical and potent here that they make the percussion in the backdrop seem almost minute by comparison. In the music video for “Changing Your Story,” we actually experience Carr’s performance on-stage, an event that often feels more like a rebirthing than it ever does a conventional gospel concert, and her charisma shines through in both the words she sings and the very nature of her execution. She isn’t hesitant in any part of this song – she’s one with the medium, the narrative, and most of all, the audience from whom she’s reaping so much emotional energy.

If you weren’t a Jekalyn Carr fan before listening to this track, my money says you’re going to be by the time “Changing Your Story” has played through. The video is cratering all on its own, but even without its infectious joy, there’s something really special about the harmonies in this song that give it an added panache not typical of any single, regardless of genre. Christians and secular audiences alike are almost certain to agree – this is a singer and songwriter of remarkable talent, and she couldn’t sound much more focused and in her element than she does here.

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