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Single Review: “Give It to Me Baby” Trav Torch

Trav Torch has a lot on his mind in the new music video for his single “Give It to Me Baby,” and social distancing isn’t going to get in his way. He’s looking to get close to a vixen on the other end of the phone, but more importantly, he’s going to use the grooves in this track to draw us all the further into his web of seduction. “Give It to Me Baby” presents us with a confident Trav Torch unfazed by any of the stresses being discussed on the nightly news – he’s melting hearts with these melodies, and that’s his only desire this July.

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This groove is what gets us hooked on the sly movement of the song, but it’s the harmony between Trav Torch and the underlying instrumentation that sells “Give It to Me Baby” as a homerun hit for his discography. Structurally reminiscent of something off of Confessions but far more cosmopolitan and centered around its surreptitious bassline, this is a track that sneaks up on us in the shadows only to warm us with its refined – though thoroughly guarded – melodic charms. It’s not the most vulnerable look for this artist, but it’s a solid mood-setter just the same.

Whether you’re a first-time or longtime listener, this latest single and music video from Trav Torch are certified premium R&B no matter how you look at it. “Give It To Me Baby” takes an old school concept and strips away any of the embellishments it would have worn in another era, thereby providing us with a sound as original as it is somewhat familiar (to the savvy urban pop fan, that is). Trav Torch is an attention-getter for sure, and this could be some of his most eyebrow-raising material to see widespread release so far.

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