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Lorenzo Mohr Dropped His Debut Single “I’ll Find My Road” Right When It Was Needed

Through life’s unpredictable ups and downs, it’s easy to feel lost or unsure of the direction you’re going. “I’ll Find My Road” is Lorenzo Mohr’s debut track to hit the streaming platforms, a reassuring message to himself that regardless of the past or present, he will find his path to happiness. Born in Italy, Mohr is a talented multi-instrumentalist who incorporates various musical influences into his work, from rock n’ roll to hip-hop to funk. You can clearly hear these elements in “I’ll Find My Road”, which he released this July. Currently residing and writing music in New York City, he released “I’ll Find My Road” this July, a track in which these elements are clearly evident.

Mohr describes his first release as “ a motivational song, one of liberation from the past and preparation for the future. It is about finding your way amidst the difficulties of life, the ‘shadows of this world.’ By being in the shadows you get a fuller idea of light when you encounter it.” Using funky chord progressions on the guitar and the accompaniment of a jazz-influenced saxophone, this song relays its hopeful message with enthusiastic fervor, made complete with Mohr’s rich vocals.

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