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Single Review: Galexi – Us and Them

Galexi is an emerging duo made up of Jo Alexis (“The Priestess”) and Alexander Johnson (“The Scientist”). Based in Portland, Oregon, the band combines an electronic-based foundation with avant-garde and progressive influences, primarily channeling such legendary acts Bjork, David Bowie, Massive Attack, and Pink Floyd. Following a steady single output over a three-year span, the band continues to gain traction with their latest release, a poignant cover of Pink Floyd’s 1974 hit “Us and Them.”

Given the involvement of the rendition’s arrangement, I felt it was quite engaging, speaking as a Pink Floyd fan myself. Galexi is smart in their producing a tranquil, background feel, much like the original song, with their own similarly calming nuances included. The song’s accompanying video works to great complementary effort as well, with cool, vivid hues enhancing its visuals. While the theme of the song centers on human aloofness as a result of a plethoric modern-day society, Galexi’s take is somewhat of a timely expansion on that angle, wherein such isolation has been additionally exacerbated by the presence of Covid-19. In a time when genuine togetherness is becoming more uncertain than ever, the band nonetheless channel that longing effectively. Ultimately, Galexi’s presentation of the cover is rounded out in its distinctive stylistic composition, as well as its interesting proximity to the original’s album version length (over seven minutes long), opting for a competently immersive experience.

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