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Single Review: Richard Lynch “Cathead Biscuits”

The feeling and passion of country music looks like the soul of Ohio Singer/Songwriter Richard Lynch. The artist has a fruitful professional career in the entertainment industry, especially in the active world of country music.

Lynch’s devotion to composition is one aspect that he seems to be increasingly promoting. This time, his enthusiasm for continuously telling stories with songs brings us his latest single “Cathead Biscuits.” The single unravels Richard´s strong link with the spirit of country music. Lynch permeates his continuous intention to defend the tradition of this American music style.

“Cathead Biscuits” describes scenes from Lynch’s life through a story based on an old-style cooking recipe. His respect and sensitivity for these little details of life gives this song a valuable closeness with his followers. Richard`s music will surely captivate many lovers of this authentic country sound. – Yami Cabrera

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