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Single Review: Jeremy Parsons “Good Ole Days”

Right when you thought you had heard his best, Jeremy Parsons is back with a single that has song of the summer written all over it! Releasing this Friday (July 17th), “Good Ole Days,” is a feel-good ballad about growing up but not growing old. With the polish of a high dollar hit, and the honesty of a young man playing acoustic guitar in his bedroom, “Good Ole Days” showcases Parsons’ charm and enigmatic talent. The song itself is about rekindling old friendships and relationships and cherishing the fact that “everybody’s different, but the feeling’s still the same.” As time passes, we begin to appreciate the things we used to take for granted, we even start to believe the things our parents have been telling us our whole lives. As you grow up, you begin to find yourself looking forward to looking back on your “Good Ole Days.” – SB Smith

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