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Alias Wayne New Album ‘Firebrand’

There’s a good chance you don’t have a friend called Ranzel but you may have heard Firebrand and the exquisite body of work the singer/songwriter has released recently titled Firebrand. This EP is a great blend of the classic electric jazzy rock and blues. If you’re a fan of rock, this should be on your playlist today.

Fireband is a compilation of six tracks by an artiste that has been making music from a tender age and is multi-talented. The EP take the form of a coming of age project that finally shows how far Ranzel has come in the music journey. A stark difference from the previous two albums, Firebrand is addictive and a vibe that keeps you playing it back on repeat. There’s also a wide variety of musical instruments, melody, rhythms and vibes that flow well with the vocals to create an enthralling musical experience.

“Radiation Town” kicks off the album with a strong guitar influence and compelling vocals that draw you in gently and soothes your soul in seconds. “Joan of Ottawa” is a more mellow vibe and shows Alias Wayne’s vocal range. This chilled mood continues on “The Young & The Brave” which is a song about the young and brave folks among us that are carrying the burden of activism and change in the society.


Moving on to “Fixin To Die Rag” and you catch a glimpse of the more serious side of Alias Wayne and the range he’s able to hit as a musician. This song, alongside “Give Me My Freedom” unleash a barrage of deep socially conscious music. From start to finish, the production quality is exceptional, with all the songs sounding as natural as possible without taking anything away from the vocals or quality. You get the feel of an indie album that has gone through the highest levels or refinement, sort of a remastered 90’s album.

The album is entirely a dazzling display of country sound and topical lyrics, which would prompt listeners to contemplate and think about their views of a wide array of issues. Alias Wayne begins the album with an exciting yet straightforward opinion on the topic of political commentaries on serious issues of the environment in the song Radiation Town. He utilizes a beautiful form of musical storytelling to reference contemporary issues on songs like The Young and Brave as well as Fixin to Die Rag, which both speak deeply to the heart, detailing urgent issues (going as far to concern army enlistments and tours).

Each title of music tracks on the album centers on issues not often spoken of in contemporary music. The Firebrand EP is simply the singer’s version and perspective on different topics, exquisitely put together in a fusion of country music and spiced up with elements of traditional rock. The album gives an inside eye and a chance to explore the mind and views of Alias Wayne in his big and beautiful music.


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