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EP Review: Sprockets “Self-Made”

From the anthemic title track to the gut punch Romantic As Hell track, Sprockets EP Self Made is reflection of self-determination and self-awareness. The art, of course, comes in when the listener gets to break into that fiery space in their soul, and use just as much elbow grease to rock out. Self Made is a sure-fire hot spot for extinguishing any vanilla-sounding modern rock tunes.

Lyrically, Self Made wastes no time getting little digs to the lister. While the song structure is not your typical pop rock, the word arrangements do rhyme and more importantly, they rock. We made our name in the streets gives the band this credo, this idea of community and bringing the listener into the fold. In a way, they are inviting the listener to the party. No one is an outsider here; all misfits allowed. The speedy guitars transform the listener at the song bridge; a myriad of guitars playing off each other. In an almost progressive layering, the tone and the mood is almost like a video game. Its machismo and fist-in-the-air driven.

Graffiti (featuring Jesse Lawson) also shakes the listener to the rock & roll core. Drifting into more punk-rock, the drums follow suit once again with pounding retribution. We made it up through the staircase, the lyrics follow a story of a what appears to be an ended relationship. Next, in Neon Alley the rock pallet extends into a bit more of an atmospheric sound. Broader strokes, longer guitar riffs and more vibrancy. This song stoodout the most for me, not necessarily for the lyrics, as I was more focused on the instrumentation. The vibe of this song felt modern, an eruption of acoustic guitar morphing into an all-out rock guitar wall of sound. If you cant see the light, I will be outside all night, I will be your neon alley, sings the lead singer. The words echo, the sentiment tattooed on the listeners brain. I loved the imagery to this line, and this song has quite the dramatic changes and swooping sounds.

BANDCAMP: https://sprockets.bandcamp.com/album/self-made

In the final track, Romantic As Hell the drummer unleashes his percussion arsenal. Sounding like the Battle of the Bulge artillery, the listener is swept into this beehive of a song. It stings, in a good way, of course. The drums stick just a little longer, swelling into a dog fight with the bass and guitars. This is romantic as hell, sings the singer, with the listener caught in the cross hairs between the punching guitars and spraying drums.

Sprockets is comprised of Brodie Knight on lead vocals and guitar, Dave Schwaller on bass and vocals, Jesse Magana on lead guitar and vocals and Matty DeCarlo helming the drums. They are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, after first starting an earlier version of the band in Boise, Idaho. Self Made is a killer sound, and fans of pop rock, alternative rock and punk rock will want to add any of the four tracks to their Spotify lists.

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