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Single Review: JamLive “Stay”

As quiet as a summer breeze, if not a little quieter, JamLive’s “Stay” comes to life with a delicate guitar melody that will soon forge the backbone of the track’s signature sound. “Stay” starts off quite pendulously, but it doesn’t take us very long to get hypnotized by its slowly-unfolding harmonies. Once the lead vocal slips into the master mix, there’s no turning back – for what JamLive are engaged in here is far too intriguing for any diehard audiophile to turn away from. Excess is off the table, and yet somehow this track feels like the richest indie pop tune I’ve heard in a long time.

The vocal seems to ooze out of the speakers in the video for “Stay” as though it were designed to cushion that jagged edges in the instrumentation and prevent the entirety of the harmony from descending into pure discordance. There’s a heat to the lyrics that grows even more pummeling as we get into the wordless harmonies that fill the air after the two and a half minute mark in the track, and while it’s ethereally surreal, the music here never feels like the product of some acidic attempt at neo-psychedelic fluff.

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“Stay” fades into the darkness much as it creeps out from behind it, but when it comes to its conclusion, it doesn’t sound like a fleeting glimpse into what JamLive could be if afforded the right tools to make top-tier pop music. Actually, I think this has the feel of a preview more than it does anything else; JamLive have been on a roll in the last year, and if they’re able to keep producing on the level they have been in “Free,” “Brand New Day” and this most recent studio offering, I believe they’re going to get their share of the spotlight and then some.

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