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Single Review: Kolette “Change My Life”

A little bouncy and supremely catchy from the start, the beat in Kolette’s new single “Change My Life” is definitely a sexy one, but it’s not the focal point of this lovely track/video combo. That title belongs to Kolette’s pipes, which unleash a deluge of decadent melodicism that is among some of the best I’ve heard out of the international underground all year long. This Irish singer/songwriter is committed to making dance music great again in 2020, but if you ask me, her heavenly vocal is the most alluring element in her sound by leaps and bounds.

More on Kolette: https://twitter.com/ColetteKavMusic

Most everything revolves around the fragile harmony between the synths and the singer in “Change My Life,” and though there’s a lot of emphasis on the thrust of the percussion as we get away from the chorus’ hook, this brief show of strength doesn’t minimize the emotionality of the vocal at all. If anything, this cocktail of combusting melodies and jagged beats creates a tidal wave of passion supporting Kolette’s verses, making the audience feel both embraced and overwhelmed by the potency of what we’re hearing. It’s impressive work for a young player on the rise, and certainly something I’d like to hear her replicate again in the future.

It would be interesting to hear a remix of this track made specifically with the nightclub scene in mind, and in all honesty I don’t think you’d have to make many tweaks on this mix to make the song palatable for the dancefloor. From start to finish, the hook is built around a groove-centric concept that doesn’t allow much room for excess – outside of the vocal, of course – and if the beat was emphasized just a little more in a remix, I don’t think you’d have a hard time selling this to DJs all over the planet this summer.

If what I’m hearing in “Change My Life” is on par with what Kolette is intending on putting out in the next few years, I think she’s going to be seeing a lot more praise from the press. At the moment, she’s entering a talent pool that is literally pouring over the brims with exciting and diverse songwriters, but with the chops she exhibits here, I still like her chances at breaking the mainstream. A proper LP will tell us more about her personality, but in this taster, she hits all the right notes to qualify for a second look down the road.

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