I’ve always been of an opinion that music should bring people joy, should make them dance and forget their troubles. Should give them confidence to face this world that seems so intent on putting you down all the time.

Which is why I’m always greatly excited whenever I encounter an artist willing to do that. Someone who tries to make their music more than just sound, but send an actula message of hope and invite their listeners to enjoy themselves.

Such is the case for Detroit native, Linnon Stylz, a young R&B singer and songwriter, whose brand new track, “Crown Me (The New King of R’n’B)”, has been making waves across the music scene lately.

“Crown Me (The New King of R’n’B)” is that rare type of bold and assertive track that you can’t help loving. It’s in your face, sure, but in a fun and impressive way. With obvious talent, a gifted voice and a smooth, good vibes rhythm, Stylz takes center stage and tells you just why you should be listening to R&B right now.

He’s got infinite swagger, but also an obvious pleasure in making music. He’s cocky, but with the pipes to justify that cockiness and he owns that title. Hard shoes to fill, those of the king of R&B, and yet, Stylz, in spite of his young age, finds a way to fill ‘em.

“Crown Me (The New King of R’n’B)” is a highly versatile song. It makes for great listening when you’re just chilling at home, when you’re working out, when you’re partying. It’s a good song to listen to when you’re down, also, as it captures your attention and helps you forget your worries.

And when there’s such thoroughly good music being made, why shouldn’t you forget them and have a little fun?

Stylz is a musician who is likable and frankly, just plain good at what he does, which makes him appeal to a broad range of people, from R&B fanatics to people who’d never paid much attention to that genre before. It’s music for everyone, so what on earth are you waiting for?



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