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Mark Newman: Empirical Truth (Danal/WBA Records)

Americana artist Mark Newman packs a political punch with the singer/songwriter’s latest LP, Empirical Truth. Tracks focused on hard-hitting topics are blended with clever covers and a band of talented musicians to draw in fans of blues rock. Tunes such as “When I Aim My Gun” encounter controversial topics that Newman embraces with lyrical craftsmanship and an ear for the genre. Bronx native Mark Newman uses his voice to describe the hardships of the world around us while also providing a clever album that can be compared to other rock bands such as Little Feat and The Allman Brothers.

– Evangeline W

Hear the album at https://open.spotify.com/album/3Y5bQm8AOQPoFGmRyyaPVB

Preview the single “Scapegoat” from the album “Empirical Truth” here:

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