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Josh Christina “Let’s Get Woke”

Need something to dance along to during quarantine? Look no further than Baltimore native Josh Christina’s single, “Let’s Get Woke”. This upbeat, retro tune will immediately teleport you from your living room to the dance floor of a 1950’s club. Setting the scene with high-speed piano licks and a rockabilly beat, you’ll be on your feet in a matter of seconds.

Despite the song title’s reference to the popular expression and the cover art’s modern, digital-age look, “Let’s Get Woke” channels the same energy that propelled the earliest rock ’n’ roll legends to stardom in the first half of the 20th century. Citing legends like Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis as influences, Christina’s classic sound is setting him apart from the rest of the young artists working to pave their path into the music industry.

Watch the music video for Josh Christina’s thrilling track “Let’s Get Woke”


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