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Enter Ámaris Wen’s Dream World With Her Brand New Album Release

Dream World is Ámaris’ much anticipated album released on June 12, following the releases of singles “No Signal” and “Stardust” earlier this year. Ámaris is a London-based singer, songwriter, and actress who was first introduced to electronic music in a dance class while attending drama school. The multi-talented artist has since used electro-pop/EDM influences and fused them with R&B/soul elements to create her sound which has been defined as “genre-defying.”

In Dream World, Ámaris skillfully incorporates these genres into a cohesive album that can be described as, well, dreamy. Each track contributes a unique flavor all while consistently maintaining an electronic, soulful underlying tone. Tracks such as “Stardust” and “Sunsets” are more R&B centered, while “Too Sad” focuses more on an electro-pop influenced sound, and the final song “Forward” captivates its listeners with a soothing conclusion to the album. All are supported by a simple, yet impactful electronic production accompanied by Ámaris’ relaxing vocals. These are just a few examples of what you can hear on Dream World on streaming platforms now.

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