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Single Review: Rocky Dawuni’s “Champions Arise”

From the moment that the seductive swinging groove makes contact with listeners in Rocky Dawuni’s “Champions Arise” forward, there’s little that anyone can do to break the spell this accomplished reggae singer/songwriter unveils in his latest music video and single. With his velvety vocal and a soft melodic backdrop to straddle, he works his magic on anyone within earshot of the harmonies coming to fruition before us in real time. There aren’t any big synths or mammoth breakdowns here – there is only Dawuni, the audience, and the spiritual connection we share through the music.

The rhythm is unforced and easy from the get-go in “Champions Arise,” but this isn’t to say that there isn’t any urgency present in this single. The lyrics at times feel like a call to action, a reminder of what still has to be done, and moreover, who must rise to the occasion in this new age that feels strangely similar to the old. If there is any sort of underlying theme present in the new song from Rocky Dawuni, it is inspiration even amidst times of great strife, and for many of us around the world this June, it’s exactly the sort of message that needs to spread like wildfire.

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“Champions Arise” fades away as quickly as it comes to prominence, and though it clocks in at under four minutes in total length, it doesn’t feel like its missing any of the key ingredients required to win the hearts of audiences globally this year. Rocky Dawuni has done a lot with his career, but in this new chapter, I think he’s broaching a consciousness that was only hinted at in previous releases. He’s on a poetic plain that I’m dying to hear him explore more in the future, and if you haven’t yet heard it for yourself, I think you should do so immediately.

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