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Intelligent Diva Brings Out Latin Single ‘Lo Que Me Gusta’

Something I’ve always deeply appreciated about a musical artist is versatility, ability to move on from one track, regardless of its success and reinvent themselves. I’ve always been of an opinion that artists should be multi-faceted and have many talents shining through their songs, and that is exactly the sort of artist that Florida-based Intelligent Diva is.


Bringing out great tunes at an impressive speed, this beautiful lady keeps delighting my ears. First, there was the club banger “Boyshorts” which filled you with that dirty, sexy mood that we all sometimes need. Then, there was “Submit to you”, a powerfully sensual love ballad that interestingly enough combines submission with this sense of being hard to get, you know? Then, of course, we had “Sexy Walk”, whose rather telling title immediately set pulses on fire, and now, after barely a few weeks of waiting, we have the Spanish “Lo Que Me Gusta”.


In “Lo Que Me Gusta (Spanish for “What I like”), Intelligent Diva brandishes her versatility and skill, not to mention her obvious immense passion for music. Switching between English and Spanish with great ease, she tells the story of a sensual love, of passion and creates this wonderful sense of intimacy for the listener. Hearing “Lo Que Me Gusta” for the first time kind of feels like stepping inside Intelligent Diva’s home, like being a close friend, whom she takes into her confidence.


It’s obviously a very personal song, and perhaps that’s what makes it so appealing. After all, love isn’t general, it can’t be something you share with the masses, but rather something you keep to yourself and only share with one or two special people. And Intelligent Diva definitely makes us feel as if we were those special people.


It’s a very moving song, ingeniously set across a background of Latin music which just slithers down into your veins and gets your blood racing. It’s a sexy, passionate song about intimacy and love and it’s just what the doctor ordered, regardless if you’re in that delicious in-love phase in your life right now or not.


Intelligent Diva really manages to make you feel sexy and warm and it’s the greatest feeling in the world.


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