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Radio Free Universe delivers texturally rich, rock n’ prog-pop

Radio Free Universe delivers texturally rich, rock n’ prog-pop. Their new album Love manages to encompass musical diversity while adopting musical essence and nostalgia, only with a more modern approach.

Arriving in style with their incredible rock n’ roll sensibility with a funky twist.

The songs feel familiar but fresh. Fueled by great songwriting and universal truth. “Love Right Now” sets the tone for the album, featuring a driving groove alongside harmonies galore. Next up is the psychedelic charm of “Star Child”. The hard-hitting beats and layered sounds of “Circle.” While “She’s High Again” features a wild yet woeful tale, with a dynamic musical backdrop. “Even Angels” delivers perfect pitch with every note.

LOVE was written and produced by musical partners producer and songwriter Mark McMaster and producer, songwriter, and singer George Panagopoulos at Sanctuary Recording Studio.

Showcasing their range and style “Love Right Now” has hit Billboard’s Triple A Indicator “Most Added.

“This song is about the power of empathy. We are each our own light, individual beating hearts trying to survive. Now is a defining time in history. Where humanity will end up depends solely on our ability to love one another. When everything else goes away, love is all we have” says Frontman George Panagopoulos.

With a genre-inclusive style, the Hamilton, ON band embraces a hip, classic cool rock sound. Rock n’ roll, funk, indie rock, pop, all merging together into a singular and satisfying whole.







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