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Single Review: See Your Shadow “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello”

Headed by Michael Coleman, ‘See Your Shadow’ is a collaborative songwriting and production team based in Phoenix, Arizona. Collaborative efforts provide the ability for multiple musicians to contribute their skills to create a song, sometimes remotely, which is particularly relevant given the ‘work from home’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello’ is a Country / Pop track featuring both male and female vocals, and the combined songwriting contributions of the ‘See Your Shadow’ team. The song tells the tragic tale of an accident involving a child, who comforts his parents in his dying hours and assures them that he is going to a better place. This is a heavy message, but the music provides relief in its soothing verses. There is a strength present in the rhythmically supported choruses, which emphasizes the courage of the song’s protagonist. If the lyrics to this song are based in fact, the words of the child are a testament to the enduring human spirit. If not, the message still resonates with the humanity within us all.


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