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Vulture Industries Announces Concert Live Stream

The Avant-Garde progressive rockers of VULTURE INDUSTRIES will be streaming a live performance on June 20 @ 4:00 P.M. EDT! The concert will take place at the historic location Vestindien in Bergen (NO). The stream is completely free to watch and will be made available on the band’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Front man Bjørnar E. Nilsen comments: “For no other reasons than the anguishing prospect of being bored to death by the dull reality of Covid-19 and a deep philanthropic urge to keep you all amused, we give you VULTURE INDUSTRIES live from the historic location Vestindien. Now a museum, this was once Bergen’s own ‘House of the Rising Sun.’ This evening we will dub it ‘House of the Irregular’ and invite you all to join us by the docks for an hour of musical rarities, new and old.”

Earlier this year, the band announced that they began offering customized messages to fans and their loved ones in an effort to make the world “A Little Bit Better!” The service is completely free; details on how to request a message can be found below.

E. Nilsen previously commented on the feel-good campaign: “We can’t change the situation, but we can make it a little bit better! At this moment, most of us live in the shadow of Covid-19. Some are sick, some are isolated, some are losing work, some have lost dear ones and some are sitting on huge stockpiles of pasta and hand sanitizer. Apart from washing our hands, keeping to ourselves and following regulations, we can’t really fix it. But we can make a small contribution in making someone’s troubled day a little brighter. 

“In the past, people used homing pigeons to carry messages. Now we offer you the use of homing vultures in sending your message. So if you want to send some encouraging words to a friend, or just want to confuse a relative, we can send out a post card, e-mail or Facebook message on your behalf.

Send your instructions to mr.vulture@vulture-industries.net or send us a message on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/vultureindustries. We need to know name of sender, name of recipient, your message and in which way you want it sent. This service will remain completely free until we go bankrupt.


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