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Break Out Track From Rising Star Bhavani Hope!

Bhavani Hope creates electro-pop that elicits messages of hope and empowerment, themes inspired by her experience as both a student and instructor of yoga. The Phoenix based artist’s new release, “I Love You So Much,” conveys those themes beautifully as this track is based on Bhavani’s relationship with her daughter, who helped co-write the song. The unconditional love the two share is palpable not only through the lyrics, but through the euphoric sensation the song produces through its bold harmonies and shimmering synth work.

The song opens with the soft vocal repetition of a heartfelt “I love you,” then sweetly builds into a bursting melody as the backbeat and vocals layer atop the mantra. The simplicity and directness of the lyrics fill the song to the brim with the kind of emotion that listeners just can’t resist dancing and belting along.

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