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EP Review: Izzie’s Caravan “On The Pull”

Izzie’s Caravan refuses to apply their foot to the brakes as they are gearing up for a second EP in the calendar year alone. The blues-rock quartet was originally established in 2004 but made waves with their debut EP Leo’s Guitar in 2019. Their next release, Zephyrs, builds upon that Dire Straits-esque drums while their own international flair adds something unique to the genre that has been missing in new acts. Their latest effort and third project, On The Pull, reasserts the band’s blues roots through a four-track effort that the frontman describes as “a very, very raw, very dirty record.” Right from the start with the title track, the listener is greeted with a rock-oriented instrumental that builds throughout the near four-minute runtime of the track. Electric performances from each member contribute to a great introduction and provide a nice transition into songs like “Drownin’ Man’s Blues,” which shifts the gears up another level as a tale is spun of a “tax man taking my savings” and selling their souls to Mississippi. “Boneyard Blues” and “Whiskey Alley Blues” cannot go without being noted as well, as the final two tracks offer up new variations within the genre as the former provides a smoother side of the band for listeners to engage with. A return to form proves to work wonders for Izzie’s Caravan, and there is no chance they are slowing down anytime soon!

-Colton Devonshire

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