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Alternative Rapper Dandelion Debuts with Anthemic “Ghost Rider”

Sex, drugs and modern pop, all through the lens of longing. Those are the themes for Riverside, California’s Dandelion, the solo project fronted by Nathan Oaks.

The new single “Ghost Rider” is lifted from the two song EP Fine Now, which was also released today. It takes Dandelion’s mantra of “Forever Up To No Good” very seriously, with debauchery-fueled lyrics referencing partying, sex, excess, OnlyFans accounts and “stealing every bitches sweater this year.”

That was exactly the play, according to Oaks. “Ghost Rider was one of the first tracks that I wrote for this project and was an early milestone in the making of DANDELION that shows off the general direction of the sound that I’m evolving into,” says Oaks. “I chose this song to debut with because it shows off clever lyricism, a different sound, and catchy melodies, all to get the listeners attention and keep them interested in what is next for this project.

Dandelion’s sound, a modern take on the sounds of the 80’s with influences such as Lil Uzi Vert, The 1975, No Rome, and Iann Dior, almost had a very different sound. “When I came up with the name, It was originally supposed to be the name of a band I was starting,” says Oaks. “Unfortunately things fell through with that and I ended up experimenting with different sounds and eventually found myself here and decided to use the name because it resonates better to me with this sound.

The well-seasoned sounds of Dandelion can be attributed to Oaks’ journey in music, which started with a Green Day album he picked up at a young age. While other kids were playing sports, Oaks would spend years working on his new found passion. Thus fueling his inspiration to make music that is passionate and keeps heads rocking, which is brought to his intimate, interactive and rowdy shows across the U.S.

Listen to “Ghost Rider” now on Spotify.

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