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Purple Tone Flower’s Brand New Release “We Will Fight For Us”

“We Will Fight For Us” is Purple Tone Flower’s second single to hit the streaming platforms.

This track is a perfect pop-funk jam with the catchiest hook we’ve heard lately, so be prepared for it to get stuck in your head! Purple Tone Flower is the solo project for Chilean musician Mauricio Flores Sánchez. Sánchez certainly knows his way around the guitar and even more impressively, he is entirely self taught! According to PTF, “[This song] is about a collapsing system… an invitation to another place, to start again from scratch, to break the walls of your fears and to be free” and we assure you that listeners will feel free while listening. The funky rhythms and impressive grooves allow one to feel like they’re floating while also remaining grounded within the track. Despite being written in 2018, Sánchez shares that “… either because of the pandemic and the cultural and social changes around the world, the song has more sense to me today” which is one of the most beautiful sentiments art can ever have.

Stream this empowering, community building anthem below.

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