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Chainflower Gets “Brave” With Their Latest Release

“Brave” is the latest single to come out on streaming platforms by rock band Chainflower and has already become their most popular song on Spotify. The track’s success is no surprise with the explosive blend of modern and alternative rock elements that create Chainflower’s self-proclaimed “savagely unique” sound. The new band is not only pushing sonic limits, but is breaking barriers within the rock genre with the powerful lead vocals from acclaimed vocalist Syd Duran. Accompanied with the skillful drumming of Raanen Bozzio and intense electric riffs and production from guitarist, producer, and founder Kelly Wheeler, Chainflower delivers a soul-baring, female-driven rock masterpiece.

Beyond the hard-edge instrumentals and production, Chainflower describes “Brave” as “an expression of empowerment and determination about not letting anyone or anything hold you back, regardless of how challenging life can be. It’s about calling on the incredible strength within us to push through any limits.” Duran successfully conveys this message with fervent vocals that encompass what it means to be brave in times of hardship, a message that demands to be heard by Chainflower’s aggressive personal take on modern rock.

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