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EyeKonikTM Mind Blown “She Blows my Mind”

EyeKonik is Sicilian-Italian American rapper, songwriter and producer whose music blends hip-hop, rap, R&B, rock and house music. He has a versatile vocal sound that ranges from the Game to Eminem, and a musical style like Jay Z meets Emimen, with a twist. Visually, he stands out from most rappers by the high-end, stylistic fashion he wears. Forget the hoodies, this artist wears Armani.

His current release “I Wanna Be Your Man” featuring Roger Troutman is #15 on the Power 106 Phat 100 Playlist. The song also has just entered at #46 in the National Airplay Top 50 Independent Chart.

“This track is very special,” says EyeKonik. The legendary singer died in 1999, but his producer kept an old 2” Analog tape around that had Roger’s live voice. So we backed the track, converted it to digital and it felt like Roger Troutman was there in the room when I recorded it. It was amazing.”

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a very talented producer Rene VanVerseveld on my 12-track CD titled EyeKonik. “We click as artist and producer, which is very important, says EyeKonik. The album displays flashes of his verbal prowess, biting wit and flair for storytelling. Rene brought in legendary rapper Kurupt, a member of the rap group Tha Dogg Pound, and known for his work with Death Row Records and Kurupt was excited to collaborate with me on “I Live.” “I was honored.”

The single “Live For More” was picked up by 40 online retailers worldwide, including Itunes. The song is quickly rising in the charts and has received great reviews by music fans. “Blow Up- This Record is like my therapy about life and rappin,” says EyeKonik. “It’s a 4 min rap with no chorus. It’s intense.”

Originally from San Diego, EyeKonik is one of 3 brothers in a family of 3rd generation stone cutters. The are the #1 Italian Stone family in the US. He is poised to take over the family business with his brothers, but his talent and passion for music is his true calling and cannot be ignored. EyeKonik started writing and performing his own music, recording melodies using his phone, and bringing them in the studio to collaborate with musicians. His first CD shows off his poetic talents as well as his emotional and artistic range.

“Music is my passion, I couldn’t imagine not making music. Making music comes so naturally to me as an artist, even with no training or schooling for music. I have stories to tell. I make music for all the people who can’t make music and tell their stories. Maybe it’s too hard for them, or they are afraid to. When fans hear my stories they can relate. The kind of music I write depends on the beat and the mood I’m in. If the beat is a dark sounding beat, then I would write about something dark, a bad event that happened in my life. It all has to come straight from my heart. In my eyes, true passion and motivation for music is a bigger key to success than talent. You could be the world’s most talented and amazing singer/songwriter/producer, but if you have no heart and no passion for what you do, then there is no true talent,” says EyeKonik.

EyeKonik also works as an actor, model and is the co-creator of a new reality show called “Family Stoners” based on his family business and the music life of EyeKonik. He is planning a US tour and looks forward to recording his 2nd CD that will take you even deeper into the EyeKonik experience!

For more contact or booking info:

Info@eyekonik.com or





www.twitter.com/eyekonik                                        www.reverbnation.com/eyekonik

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