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Single Review: Trinity Rose “Morning Text”

When Alicia Keys called Trinity Rose’s voice “stunning” in Season 12 of The Voice, it re-affirmed the Beverly, Mass., singer’s talents to the world. Now based in Los Angeles, Calif., the 17-year-old continues to stun with the single “Morning Text”. A voice far beyond her teen years, “Morning Text” is a spin on unrequited adoration.

 Rose, who is one of the youngest contestants ever on The Voice, collaborated with X Factor contestant and rapper Steve Damar layered over beats and tracks from producer Scar on “Morning Text”. Outside of music, Rose is a part of the L.A. Mayor’s Youth Council and youth ambassador for Round Table Global. She also wrote the song “Love Is The Only River” and co-wrote the hit “Miss You” with Aidan Gallagher (from Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy). 

The rising star’s lyrics in “Morning Text” are perfectly primed for pop. She sings call me every morning just to say good morning, I don’t hate it, don’t hate it, call me every night just to see if I’m fine, I don’t hate it, don’t hate it. It’s pretty innocent, and then she sings truth is, we’re just too young, too young, and I’m still tryin’ to figure things out. Oh no, the friend zone! While the song’s lyrics are straight-forward, the vibe is that there’s more to the story. By the emotion in her voice, the playfulness, Rose seems to like the ‘cat and mouse game’ she’s playing.

Unfortunately it can be human nature to only be attracted to someone until they are not into you, when the window of time has passed and they have moved onto the next love. Rose’s feelings that she’s conveying in the words and music seem like she’s confused if she really wants a relationship. She doesn’t want to commit, but she doesn’t want to just out right say no either.

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Interestingly, she doesn’t say ‘text’ she says ‘call’. The music base starts out with the “ping” sound and each time I found myself checking my own phone for a text notification. That made me laugh. I also found the music bed to have a scrambled or muffled dial tone sound. Damar’s addition gives it that edgier, juxtaposition context. The groove makes you feel like you’re halting, before starting again. It’s almost like the lyrics, that messages are being received, but the responses are slower and not as lengthy. The percussion is there but it’s biding its time under the vocals. It’s funky and the rhythm is the perfect mix with Rose’s mature sounding vocals. She has a hint of smoky, alluring levels in her voice, and meshed with the music mix, that texturing really comes out tight and sharp. Listeners that enjoy Christina Aguilera will find similarities to Rose’s talents. If “Morning Text” were the first track you’d heard from Rose, and knew nothing about her Voice appearances, then you would be more inclined to fall under her spell. This song has a way of colliding the pop, soul and R&B world in a tame or even slick manner.


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