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Single Review: Walker’s Cay “Why Oh Why”

Opening with a hypnotic synth pad, ‘Why Oh Why’ by Walker’s Cay is immediately panoramic in its presentation. Featuring the band’s trademark guitar tones, the song’s introduction invites the listener to embark upon an epic journey. The sound develops over time, lifted by a psychedelic buzz and grinding rhythm section, somewhat reminiscent of The Beatles’ ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’. The serenity soon evolves into a massive wall of sound, powered by overdriven guitars and Gary LaBarr’s searing vocals. Melodic and lush, yet raw and organic, Walker’s Cay have delivered a track that really hits its stride. Structurally, and in terms of the arrangement, ‘Why Oh Why’ is inventive. There is potential here for repeat play, and this song may provide the perfect soundtrack to your next road trip. – TMC

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