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Olivia Belli Releases Environmentally Inspired Single “COUNTDOWN”

Olivia Belli is a multi-passionate Italian, crossover-classical pianist and composer. Through her music, she enjoys telling inspirational stories through her compositions and hopes to inspire others as well. In addition to her passion for music, she is also incredibly passionate about the environment. The single off her upcoming album MATER is titled “COUNTDOWN” and apart from being a stunning cinematic track, it is also donating all profits to the Global Wildlife Conservation. When asked about her inspiration for the track and why she chose to partner with GWC, Belli shares, “‘COUNTDOWN’ is a cry of alarm; time is running out as many scientists now claim; maybe we can still reverse, but we must act, we must change now. In this song there is my anxiety, my concern, my fear about which world we will leave to our children and future generations. All the profits will go to Global Wildlife Conservation whose mission is to conserve the diversity of life on Earth: I chose to donate to this important organization because it works closely in partnership with many global organizations as IUCN, Earth Alliance, KBA etc and so it can allocate funds where it is needed most.”

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