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Single Review: Michael Pinder “Soar”

Soft and supple at the start, “Soar,” the new single/video combo from Michael Pinder, slowly blossoms into an indie pop power ballad both steeped in surreal harmonies and an ebbtide of exotic beats certain to put a swing in your step this April, and although you could make the argument that producing sterling melodic content is becoming the standard for this burgeoning singer/songwriter, this is some of the finest material bearing his moniker that I’ve heard to date.

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Both the music video and the compositional structure of “Soar” are simple but wholly engaging in a way that few other pop tracks have been this season, and while it might not be sporting the brightest sonic fireworks, what it lacks in grandiosity it more than compensates us for in heartfelt, unfiltered artistry.

While I was only just recently exposed to the music of Michael Pinder, it’s easy to see what all of the buzz surrounding his output has been about when observing his amalgamative aesthetics in visual form in the video for “Soar.” There’s a star-quality to his presence here that begs us to listen closely to every word he sings, and truth be told, I don’t think you would have to watch the music video for this track to pick up on the underlying theme being espoused in its lyrics.

Pinder is as multidimensional a singer/songwriter as I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in the year 2020, and whether it be the guitar-born melodies he straddles with ease or the soul-nourishing commentary he delivers from behind the mic, this song has got something to satisfy most any listener this spring.

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