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Single Review: Noah Taliferro – “Sweet Tea”

During high school, Noah Taliferro had the roots of his assiduous work ethic planted in his stint as a triathlete. Upon graduation, however, the Northern Virginia native’s priorities shifted toward the entertainment industry, initially as an actor (on Netflix’s “Family Reunion” and the CW’s “All American”), and then, in his downtime, as a musician. His first brush with musical recognition came via TikTok, where his dance accompaniment to his debut single, “Conflicted,” would go viral, as well as accumulate up to 250 thousand listens on streaming services. Currently, Taliferro is earning steady recognition with his follow-up, “Sweet Tea.”

On the surface, “Sweet Tea” may come across as another typical banger of a rap song, with the concept of the subject subtly centering on a metaphor for a cyclical relationship gone awry, but together with its music video, the presentation does work to an advantage. I appreciate how the catchiness of song plays to the simplicity of the video, and especially how the impact of the beats and vibrance of the video’s color scheme complement the overall direction. Just seeing Taliferro walk around with, shake, and chug from a gallon container of tea in various ways is humorous in itself, and the music definitely contributes. While the presentation for the full-length video works very well, a brief clip of it for TikTok could potentially be another viral hit for the books.

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