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Single Review: Kellie-Anne “Legacy”

Drifting out of the silence we discover piano keys so surreal they come close to being atmospheric in tone, but as they stumble and find their rhythm in these opening bars of Kellie-Anne’s new single and music video “Legacy,” they introduce a chill-factor that will only grow stronger as the track presses on

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When Kellie-Anne goes begin to sing, there’s already a sense of urgency behind her, created mostly by the plodding instrumentation that precludes her opening verse. Her voice is slightly hesitant, but the harmony she starts to forge is anything but brittle; in “Legacy,” she wants to show us that strength can come in many forms, and she’ll use every tool at her disposal to do so.

The video for “Legacy” takes the theme of the music and the narrative in the lyrics to the next level, showing us a heart-wrenching look inside of ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, but even at its most entrancing, the harmonies Kellie-Anne dispenses in the background are at the center of our attention just the same. Her voice carries a tremendous weight in this single, but even if she hadn’t approached this track with her signature moxie, I think it would still rank among the best and most intriguing power ballads to come out of her scene this season. Kellie-Anne might be known for her vocal skillset at the moment, but as soon as “Legacy” gets into steady rotation, I think her songwriting will start to receive the praise it has long-deserved.

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