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Single Review: Darren Michael Boyd “The Earth Is B Flat”

Once upon a time, the notion that human beings inhabited a flat earth was accepted as fact. Today, devotees of the Flat Earth Society maintain this belief and have formed a quasi-religion. Against this landscape, Ottawa based artist Darren Michael Boyd has crafted an instrumental, prog-rock / metal piece that twists and turns in a suitably eccentric fashion. From the jarring feedback of its opening bars, to its syncopated groove, “The Earth is B Flat” is epic in its presentation. Aside from its key, there is nothing flat about Boyd’s latest composition. The instruments work in unison, locked to a tempo which transitions effortlessly between half and double time. This creates an ever-evolving arrangement which is almost theatrical in its scope and scale. For music fans who enjoy technical playing, without the common spoiler of pretension, the work of Darren Michael Boyd may just begin your next obsession.


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