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Dynfari and Kariti Album Releases Postponed

Owing to the coronavirus epidemic that is hitting Italy and in view of its possible expansion to many other countries, Aural Music has decided it is wise to put off  indefinitely the release dates of ‘Covered Mirrors’ by Kariti and ‘Myrkurs er börf’ by DYNFARI.

As the global situation is in constant evolution, at the moment it is very difficult for everybody to make reliable forecasts. We will announce the new release dates as soon as the general condition makes it possible.


Dynfari from Iceland plays black metal influenced, heavily atmospheric music.  Myrkurs er þörf is their fifth album, a chameleonic, labyrinthine mix of post-rock and black metal, thickly atmospheric, as beautiful and inspiring as it is quietly sombre and menacing, as illuminating as it is sorrowful. Artwork by Metaztasis (Watain, Behemoth)


  1. Dauðans dimmu dagar
  2. Langar nætur (í botnlausum spíralstiga)
  3. Myrkurs er þörf
  4. Ég fálma gegnum tómið
  5. Ég fálma gegnum tómið
  6. Ég tortímdi sjálfum mé
  7. Peripheral Dreams
  8. Of Suicide Redemption


‘Covered Mirrors’ is a collection of 8 intimate mostly stripped down mourning folk songs with crisp fingerstyle guitar and eerie vocal harmonies. Evocative lyrics in English and Russian explore various facets of death and parting


  1. Intro
  2. Sky Burial
  3. Kybele’s kiss
  4. КРЕЩЕНИЕ ВЕДЬМЫ (The baptism of a witch)
  5. Penance
  6. Anna (Requiem to death)
  7. II corvo
  8. Absent angels
  9. ПРОПАСТЬ (Abyss)



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