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Single Review: Savannah “We Are Us”

Arranged on a glistening bed of acoustic pop guitars and a steady rhythm section, ‘We Are Us’ by country influenced artist Savannah Nider is engaging from the get-go. Packed into a radio friendly, neatly produced single, the song is full of life and positivity. Savannah’s voice carries the meaningful lyrics with sincerity and passion, building into a melodic chorus which celebrates the uniqueness and strength of the human spirit. ‘We live, we love, we won’t give up; because we are us.’ In times of uncertainty and doubt, this song is sure to warm the hearts of listeners and provide a welcome sense of comfort. For fans of country / pop hits, this track will slot into your playlist seamlessly and is likely to be on rotation when you need some light in your life. http://www.savannahnidermusic.com 

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