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Single Review: Cory M. Coons “Leavin'”

Resplendent in effervescent indie pop guitars and layered vocal harmonies, ‘Leavin’ by award winning Canadian artist Cory M. Coons superbly showcases his songwriting and performance ability. Musically, the track sounds at home with big budget studio recordings, but retains an independent spirit which appeals to the listener as genuine and sincere. Coons delivers the tale of a tumultuous relationship, resulting in a journey through American cities and towards the ultimate destination of self-realisation. Like the tempo of the song, the lyrics are constantly moving the listener forward at a steady pace, never looking back. This is a familiar story for Coons, and his voice carries the melody with an almost fatalistic sense of resignation to the fact that he is ‘…leaving, again’. Nothing could be further from the truth in terms of this artist’s career. Cory M. Coons is only beginning his musical adventure, and fans of indie rock / pop will no doubt welcome his future endeavours with open ears. – TMC

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