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Single Review: John Vento & Nied’s Hotel Band “I Need A Lover”

John Vento and Neid’s Hotel Band deliver a single that leads the listener on with sultry saxophones, then smacks them in the face with a punchy drum and bass section. An electrifying combination of funk, rock, blues and soul, ‘I Need a Lover’ is both saucy and fun. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Vento’s songwriting is influenced by the area’s smoky bar scene, and Neid’s Hotel Band delivers this single with sonic authenticity and aplomb. The introduction to ‘I Need a Lover’ puts the listener in the rehearsal room, with the band warming up before a polished, fully produced track kicks in. A particular point of attention is the cracking snare drum and big-band style brass section, in addition to a couple of killer organ and sax solos in the mid-section. The recorded version of ‘I Need a Lover’ really brings it home, and listeners will be eager to witness this act live on stage. – TMC



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