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The Latest Feminist Anthem “RBG Reel” From Nessa!


“RGB Reel” is what happens when you combine the driving instrumentation of fusion rock with a powerful message. The track begins with a driving bass line by the talented Rob Crozier that propels listeners deep into a sophisticated soundscape. Once inside, they experience these ever-evolving feelings of forward motion, mystique and wonder. The gorgeous flute melody is performed by band leader Kelly McDermott and adds the perfect amount of texture and variation to the track.

When asked about their inspiration for the track, McDermott shares, “RBG was written by our bassist Rob as an homage to an inspiring, powerful woman – Ruth Bader Ginsberg. RBG spent her life pushing through adversity and fighting against gender discrimination as well as being the second female justice on the U.S. Supreme Court!” What better time to release this than right on the cusp of National Women’s Month coming in March!

The arrangement keeps listeners on their toes by constantly building and releasing tension at just the right time. This song is a great example on how music alone can deliver a powerful message and tell a story of resilience. Listen now to RGB Reel.

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