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Review: Razor Candy’s Self-Titled EP

If you’re one of those who would like to celebrate Halloween more often, then Razor Candy has a surprise for you. Their debut self-titled EP will make you feel like your favorite holiday never ends.

Paul Wiley (Marilyn Manson, Deveraux) and Chad Cherry (The Last Vegas, The Claws) worked together on this project. “Razor Candy, it’s Cheap Trick, John Carpenter scores, 70’s Kiss, The Bay City Rollers, and The Cars,“ says Wiley.

From the very beginning, this 6 tracks-long record gave me some strong ’80s horror vibes, especially because “Shallow Grave Surprise” starts with a dialogue from the movie The New Kids. Definitely something for goth culture lovers! The same dark, mysterious vibe is present throughout the whole tracklisting.

Both “Parents Beware/Razors In The Candy” and “Cool Kids Do It” are about rebellious kids and crazy things they do. They included a tale about the old witch in the neighborhood who gave candy laced with razor blades and cyanide to those kids.

It continues with more spiritual references, like the one about the full moon and the height of power in “Get Out Of Control”.

“Follow And Like Like And Follow” is such an upbeat song and a perfect mix of trendy elements in lyricism and old-school rock sound. It gives you nostalgia and yet it can perfectly fit with today’s modern rock.

The last one “Corsage” ends with lyrics “You’ll be dying for a sequel” which made me curious about what’s coming next and will the band continue in a similar dark-themed style.

What makes this EP unique is that its theme consists of many mystical elements and when it’s all combined into 6 extraordinary songs, you get the perfect Halloween playlist.

Razor Candy Tracklisting:

  1. Parents Beware/Razors In The Candy

  2. Cool Do It

  3. Shallow Grave Surprise

  4. Follow And Like Like And Follow

  5. Get Of Control

  6. Corsage *Vinyl Exclusive


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