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The Newest Country Artists to Watch in 2020

We saw some great performers hitting the stage in 2019. What follows is a complete list of the newest and brightest artists to hit the country scene in Nashville.

You need them in your life. Like checking into the Grande Vegas online casino USA!  A fistful of amazing sounds.  Look out for these budding stars in 2020.

Avenue Beat

This is the newest all female trio which immediately pulls you in with their wonderful melodies and individual harmonies.  The three, Sami Bearden, Savana santos and Sam Backoff recently hit the Nashville scene and are drawing lots of attention with songs like “Delight” and “Ruin that for me”. Not to mention their vibrant personalities that are so uplifting and manage to project right out of the screen.

But more to the point, those songs with a feminist edge like “Be a Bro” and using lyrics like “If you hold a sister down and Know the girl code” promise to make them a future country band to keep your eye on. 

Chris Bandi

Bandi’s voice has that charming appeal that many people love. Add to this his incredible vocal ability and the sensitivity that he imbues in his music. His songwriting is very captivating and it is interesting how he shows his vulnerability in some of his songs.

For example, in “Man Enough Now” and “Why I Don’t Drink.” And Lyrics like “Only time I open up…is when I’m drunk”.  He is also just as charming and appealing on other songs like ‘Rain Man” and “Only One”.  Bandi is one sensitive guy and will be sure to impress his growing listeners with his amazing talent.  

Renee Blair

Blair’s music has a movielike quality to it and it is very alluring. She hails from Missouri and she brings to her music a pop style together with some uncertainties and difficulties which go along with her being in her twenties.

Her songs cover themes like lost loves and loves that perhaps shouldn’t be and she covers these in a very honest way. Just listen to “Gotta Quit Drinking”.  You’ll be hooked.  Blair is truly one of Nashville’s best young talents.  

Larry Fleet

Fleet was the runner-up in the Real Country music competition in 2018. But he already had fans in Willie Nelson and Jake Owen because of his incredible vocals.  Fleet is based in Chattanooga and his ability to gently mix blues and country so impressed Owen when he heard him at a party that Owen invited him to perform an opening slot on his tour.

This led to him getting a guest spot opening for Nelson. Fleet’s soothing voice and lyrics that hint at the bluecollar life makes his work very appealing and speaks to the common man.

Kylie Frey

When you hear Frey’s voice you are taken right back to the country music of the 90s.   Her voice brings back the era of powerful women like Faith Hill and Trisha Yearwood. Frey’s songs have a timeless quality about them. For example, “One Night in Tulsa” which takes you straight back to the 90s era of country storytelling. 

Lyrics that have you walking in the dusty heat drenched desert, or riding a wild mustang, alone, bare back which manages to suggest the pain of longing.  On the other hand you have songs like “Too Bad”, clean unadulterated country music.  A great mix. Her fan base is sure to grow in the coming year.

Johnny Gates

With his incredibly soulful voice it is not surprising that he won a place on Gwen Stefini’s team on season 12 of The Voice.   Gates started out as a front man for Runaway Saints, the pop rock band.  But, he decided to go it alone. His incredible voice and his rich songwriting abilities will see him go far.

Tracks like “Dive Bar,” “Bandit” and Brooklyn Nights” bring you with him into his pain. Gates has a lot going for him.  He is a star in the making. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Caroline Jones

Jones’ incredibly charismatic personality comes busting out through her music.  Her amazing smile is communicated through her music like in “Chasin’ Me” and “The Difference’. 

Her fans come not just from the country scene but from other music genres as well.  She was chosen to open for Zac Brown Band, Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett. No small achievement.  

Jimmy Buffet was so enamored with her that he handed her a distribution deal on his Mailboat Records and even wrote the song “Gulf Coast Girl” especially for her.  It is likely that we’ll see Jones’ push through the mainstream country ceiling this year.

Willie Jones

Willie Jones is another of those artists who fuses different genres, hip hop and country, to create an original sound.   His voice is much like that of Josh Turner, deep and rich.  Fans get to really experience his vocals and what they can do on “Whole Lotta Love,”. 

His deep voice pouring out the love he feels for the woman in his life. Just as good are his more upbeat numbers like “Bachelorettes on Broadway”.  Jones, it seems, is one of kind.  He’s creating his own path in country music.  His fans will be interested to see what he does next.

Madison Kozak 

Kozak was chosen as the leading artist on Nashville’s original first all-female label, Songs and Daughters, headed by the songwriter, Nicholle Galyon.  This is not surprising owing to her really distinctive voice and songwriting ability.  Born in Ontario, Canada, she has a voice that just pours out like gold and her lyrics captivate the listener. 

Her debut song, “First Last Name” does just that.   Lyrics that warm the heart, and a tribute to the father who initially sparked her love for country music.   A very talented musician and one worth following.

Kalsey Kulyk 

Kalsey Kulyk is an extremely talented artist with bubbly vocals and the ability to get deep and emotional but at the same time remain optimistic.  Kulyk hails from Saskatchewan, in Canada.   She has a fan in one of Fleetwood Mac’s original producers. 

This shows on her debut album where that influence can be found. Lots of vocal stacks and the arrangements are really quite sophisticated.

Trea Landon

It is obvious after listening to just one of Trea Landon’s songs to understand that he is most definitely country. Incredibly laid back and relaxed lyrics.  In the same vein as Easton Corbin, songs like “Loved by A Country Boy” and “Get the Girl” put him squarely in the role of the southern gentleman.  

Landon conveys the message in his songs of sweetness and simplicity, as when he sings “you ain’t been loved ‘til you’ve been loved by a country boy” in his debut single.  His easygoing manner and warm nature will surely draw in the fans.

Parker McCollum 

McCollum has earned quite a following of country rockers from the time spent grinding show-to-show in Texas.   Now he’s looking towards the mainstream. Recently he released “Pretty Heart”.  Keep watching.

Brandon Ratcliff 

This guy literally has music in his bloodline. His mother is Suzanne Cox, of the successful bluegrass band The Cox Family.   Ratcliff is still pretty young, only 24 but he is showing talent as a songwriter and is proving to be very mature. Songs like “See Me Like This” and “Rules of Breaking Up” demonstrate his emotionality but also his maturity.  He is one to watch out for in 2020.

Teddy Robb 

Robb has collaborated with songwriters Shane McAnally, John Osborne and Matt McGinn.   He writes well and has gentle vocals.  McAnally and Osborne put together his second single “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You” that draws you into Robb’s musical talent and which is likely to grow steadily during the coming year. 

Matt Stell

One song and everybody knows you. This is the came with Stell.  The song “Prayed for You” was a major hit, becoming his number 1 at country radio. At the same time hitting more than 40 million Spotify streams. 

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