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Single Review: Someya – “Always Here”

Always Here is an explosive track from Someya. Somewhat tragic and brutally honest, Someya tears her heart out in the pulsating tune. Taking a pointer or two from Lady Gaga, Someya tears up the rulebook in Always Here to create her own lasting musical imprint and modern-pop song. Shes on her way, folks.

Creating a dramatic effect of low singing, and then intermitted singing full-steam, Someya calculates that the listener will be lost in the rhythm and twists and turns shes created in Always Here. A Berklee College of Music (Boston) student, Someya is currently based in San Jose, California. One wouldnt have any clue of these things if not for her social media about section. Her music is universally her own. The vibes she creates and the tones she uses to convey the painful relationship experience is equally amplified by the lyrics. Im a little overwhelmedhonestly I know Id be a bad girlfriend, why cant we just stay friendsI really want to blame you for the shitty way I feelmaybe I need to cleanse myself bareand if it doesnt work out, dont I know Im always here she achingly sings. Its a gut punch.

While at times she does recall the glamour and grit of Gaga, she also has the higher melodies and range of a singer like Ariana Grande or Camilla Cabello. Always Here is a straight up solid pop song, but it possesses many more layers than what were hearing on Hot AC radio. Its more dramatic and its use of the piano creates extra melodrama. She sounds young her vocals are not as strong as Adelle, but she instills in the listener an instant connection and rapport. I liked how she intertwined her vocals within the music beds and created the layering. Shes at her best, though, when shes singing the chorus. She sounds confident and unstoppable.

OFFICIAL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsstsBzpoPo

The guitar and percussion in this track are right on time. They play a supporting role and the feeling is conveyed mostly from her vocals. I think Someya really captures the confusion and the heartache of a breakup, of insecurities in a relationship. Shes not overpowering in her tale, and the storytelling in this song is solid and perfectly edited. I can surmise that she might be able to play this song acoustically (guitar) or even just her and the piano and it would be an unbelievably haunting sound. She really shows her heart on her sleeves and that vulnerability is to celebrated and elevated.

Overall, Always Here is a chillingly good pop song. Its not quite pop rock, but it could still appeal to fans of Evanescence. Good songwriting is good songwriting and Someya proves she has the skills and the passion to create a worthy song in Always Here. She succeeds glowingly in the daunting task of not only getting her music heard, but having listeners feel something. Her music, her lyrics and her message are clear Someya is a talent to behold. Always Here is just the first step in this singer/songwriters epic climb.

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